Happy Yorkshire day to all, even if you are not from Gods own county, you must agree with the possible exception of Liverpool there is no finer place in the country.

Today also means just 8 months until Making Tax Digital finally comes into force, for businesses over the VAT threshold (£85000) anyhow.

Thankfully most of our clients have paid heed to the advice and notice we have been giving and are prepared to meet their obligations under the regime, others are still considering their options in preparation for the quarterly digital returns.

On not so good a note, it appears some software suppliers are using this as a means of ramping up their software costs, and some taxpayers believe they have no alternative solution other than to sign up to this.

The surprising feedback from clients who have discussed this with other business owners is that most of them appear to have no idea what MTD is all about and they have not been advised about MTD and how it will impact on them, thankfully the months of research on the subject and passing this onto clients leaves our clients well informed and perhaps ahead of the loop, so no surprises for our clients, and at last some justification for our continual updates regarding this.

Enjoy Yorkshire Day however you chose to spend it, and don’t forget to arrange to speak to us if you wish to discuss preparing for Making Tax Digital and the solutions available to you.