Everybody and everything seems to be about Data protection recently, no doubt you have been inundated with requests from web pages (many of which you can’t recall ever subscribing to!) for confirmation you wish to stay in touch and receive ‘updates’ and mailings, this has been brought about by the new GDPRegulations, a subject that we have also had to keep up to speed with via Seminars, meetings, research and webinars and review our Data protection policies, bot Digital and Physical. We of course have always taken the security of clients information very seriously, and thankfully have never had any breaches in security, but must remain vigilant in this area.

Typically this week we had a minor computer meltdown which demonstrated the importance of regular backups resulting in hours of input from computer specialists and ourselves being able to restore our data, this also highlights the effectiveness of cloud storage of data such as with quickbooks that remains totally unaffected by any computer glitches experienced by the users. We had to settle for part of our restore to be backdated to a previous time in history meaning a re-entering of part of our data (further supported with physical records) over the past two weeks.

We hope you are fully aware of your responsibilities and the dangers  involved with data storage, and that it never troubles you.

Please contact us if you or your acquaintances ever require help with Accounts, PAYE, VAT, record keeping, Taxes etc.