Is this even still a thing?

Do people still even make let alone keep resolutions?

I suppose if we were to make one for us, it ought to be to post more blogs, rather than getting lost in HMRC’s newly issued changes in policy and direction until it is hard to distinguish which are to be believed (the Making Tax Digital debacle!).

Another(in the face of continued reluctance by some clients to find time to discuss their plans and business, seeing Accountants as a compliance only obligation to keep the tax man happy!), may be to include on here more about what can and has been achieved by some of our clients, not despite, but with the involvement of us. We have formed simple one (wo)man businesses and helped them over time become national and international companies, some of whom having benefited from our introduction to Research & Development, VAT and Capital Allowances Tax Credits, now totalling in their hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of tax savings, that would have otherwise gone unclaimed. Others having benefited from our Payroll services, particularly with the introduction of Real Time Information and Auto Enrolment, many saving thousands of pounds each year, in time,wages and imported expertise and training, along with the now almost obligatory software requirements (that alone sometimes costs each business hundreds of pounds per year), in fact one client adopting our payroll service is currently enjoying a wages saving alone of over £6000 per year, and one client transferring our service inhouse is incurring additional wages and pension etc costs of over £20000 per year.

A little thought, they say can go a long way, and the sooner money saving plans are adopted, the greater the savings over time, and possibilities for reinvestment for growth within the business.

We are not here to dictate to clients, or to guarantee savings not identifiable elsewhere, but to make available our considerable experience and expertise in considering options with you, and to keep those discussions private but retained when meeting with other clients that may present some complimenting symmetry.

So yes, resolutions still seem to have some mileage left in them, and if you have made any, and one is to save on costs to reinvest in your business or your reward, please get in touch, we are really quite approachable.