As we have spoken on various subjects over the past months, we thought it about time to join some of the subject matter together, and to highlight current challenges to the self employed.

It has been widely reported that administration by owners of small self employed businesses now takes up around 120 days per year, on a 5 day week this is 24 weeks per year which (taking into account holidays etc) equates to more than half a small business owners time! granted some of this administration time is unavoidably down to the owner(s) but some can and should be delegated to better equipped support organisations, thereby releasing more time to concentrate on generating and carrying out business, what difference could up to 960 hours more per year of your time make to your business in Income or to spend with loved ones or on the golf course?

It has also been reported that businesses embracing Digital advances are much more likely to succeed than those who chose to remain the same.

Making Tax Digital IS coming, maybe not in the initial advertised timescale by HMRC, but they are committed to achieving this aim, and will get there.

Saving Time, Money, increasing likelihood of success in business and remaining compliant may not be on your immediate agenda, but should it?

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